Wednesday, August 15, 2012

whyte gurlz

Yea you know the ones who spell everything wrong on purpose hoping to sound, forgive me for lack of a better term, "ghetto". This to them appeals to that thug they are chasing so hard scoping all 200 of his Facebook pics most of which include him a bottle of Ciroq and a really really drunk white girl..excuse me whyte gurl. Why do these, I can't even say women, girls, think that this is what a man wants? I have met many a black man who tells me that I am different from other girls in my zip code. a predominately chocolate man hungry white girl populated zip code. I am different simply because I am me. I'm not going to change my grammar or my vocabulary, my choice in music and certainly not the way I am to fit into any persons idea of what I should be. I have the fever, doesn't mean I have to look like a terminally ill case. I fear wearing hoop earrings, listening to r & b music, having a short sassy hair style and an attitude along with loving men of a darker color has made me appear to be the stereotype. Well trust me this college educated, childless, independent white girl is FAR from my lesser counterparts. So for all of those young ladies aiming to please, cut the corn rows honey, we can still see you're white...gurl.

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