Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream Catcher

What can I do for you?? What is it about a man with a woman that he sees some sort of vantage point? Some sort of way to get ahead or get somewhere he wasn’t before. Whether it’s from the bus stop to the grocery or literally a better place in life. White men are opportunistic as well take my word, they just don't vocalize it the same way. They will sit and be patient and wait for a woman to get so irritated that eventually she just takes him out herself. Plans, pays, and practically holds the door too. men will straight up ask you…”Where you taking me tonight?” Joking or not…it’s all too often NOT a joke. But these same men with no manners will always hold the door for you. After all they claim to treat women like Queens and expect in return to be treated like a King. I have yet to be treated like a Princess, let alone a Queen... I think they expect me to be the typical dumb ass, doormat, white girl…think again. I got a job, my own money, my own place..what do you have?? Some people say  “you mess with scrubs that’s why”, please. I’ve done the ‘thug’ thing it's fun, but it gets old. The problem is the ‘thug’ mentality is staying with these men well into their 30’s and really getting out of hand. A man with that seems to have his life together can still expect to ride my coat tails. I’ve seen it first hand. GROW UP FELLAS! Stop asking “What you going to buy me? Did you make me dinner? Can you float me some money?”  I got here for me, not you. Hey dream catcher..GET YOUR OWN!!!

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