Friday, August 17, 2012

Mommy Issues

I have found that most black men as street tough as they seem, are actually very needy. From my experience most of them have horrible relationships with their mother. This may not even be a surface thing but more of a class, situational thing. Regardless of how much a woman may love her child, she can only do what she can. If she has 5 kids and works 3 jobs how much affection time love and attention can she give?? The neediness comes from the actual want of a relationship with a woman, a nurturer. Finding the balance is hard enough for men as it is…
I dated this guy that had zero relationship with his mother as a child. As an adult I think he craves it more than he would like to admit. He also used it as an excuse to not be affectionate or to know how to interact with a woman, meaning he wouldn’t say things like you look nice or compliment. He again said it was b/c of his lack of growing up with a woman. I say BULL!!!!! The fact that you acknowledge your issue and refuse to change it…weak. Something as simple as offering to help make an undressed bed gets rejected while the need for attention and medication when one is laid up with back pain is welcomed. Make up your mind babies! Do you want the nipple or do you want the beer bottle??
There is also a whole domination aspect that goes in with the mommy issues. Wanting to punish a mate for something your mother did or didn’t do seems common in those men that like to be physical in the bedroom. The same example above used to like to smack me, spit on me during sex. I didn’t mind it, turns me on a bit. But his needs to want to humiliate a female is so clear and a textbook case.  Again, instead of embracing it he said ‘screw it’ literally and is currently working it out in the bedroom…still!

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