Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shoes, not Choos!

“You sound good girl, tell me, what do your feet look like?” Excuse me?? The first time I heard this, my inner diva came out.  You paying for my pedi? Have you looked at your own damn feet?? That crusty yellow toe nail better stay under socks. Do you plan on having me barefoot in front of your friends? With a face like this they sure as hell aren't looking at my feet and if they are you should question their intentions and or sexuality.  Be glad I represent on the outside and if my toe nail is chipped…I Bet you’ll still hit it. This goes right along with shoes. I had a guy tell me that one of the most important traits in a woman is her shoe are you Jimmy Choo?? I immediately cancelled my date with that one. I’m not gonna to get all bent outta shape about my shoes when you show up pushing a Honda. Screw you, I’ll take my Target shoes and Nordstrom rack boots and walk elsewhere. 

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