Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No shame in my game...

I'm not the first and I'm not the last of my breed, this I know. I'm not the first to question the dichotomy of women who act, for lack of a better term, like men. What does this mean? From my experience, what men want us to think that means is non-emotional, strong, independent, self sufficient, alpha males. What that translates to me is, egotistical. I say this standing on the only platform I know, my first hand knowledge. Why can a man hop from bar to bed every night of the week and not a thought is formed, not a judgment made, nothing. HE can do who and what he pleases without risk of rumor or public humiliation. Hell, I don't know if a man even knows truly what the 'walk of shame is'. How would he? There is no shame in his game by nature. This may not seem like an interracial only issue and you're right , it's not, just in my world it is. I rarely stand up and shout that "I TOO SLEEP AROUND," mostly because I don't want to. See unlike men, I don't feel the need to fist pump upon exiting a strangers bedroom, thinking that I dodged another commitment bullet and that I hope I didn't give them the right number. I can promise that unless your conversation got me before your perfect hairline and biceps did, I didn't give you my real number, so no issue there. In fact, I may not have given you any number, because dammit that is my right. There are no rules mandating meeting people in bars, in case someone forgot to tell you that, honey. I may meet you, flirt, exchange alcohol and moves on the dance floor and that's it. My intentions don't need to be known, after all, a man's intentions even if stated, are rarely truthful. I see no reason to compare men and women as sexual aggressors, for they cannot be compared at all. I choose to be the thief in the night who will steal your mind with my charm, cross boundaries in the bedroom and  break your heart when I don't stay the night. I change the expectations, and lower the reality. I am not the whore you want me to be, nor the Madonna I appear to be. I am simply a sexual, free spirited, aggressive, social individual. I can sleep with just as many men as they do women without a second thought. Why? Because, there's absolutely NO shame in my game. 

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